Busch Dog Brew is an all-natural product and contains only fresh ingredients. Made with vegetables, herbs, spices, water, and pork broth to provide your best buddy with a nutritious and tasty snack that helps to promote a healthy digestive system. Bone broth is also a great way for dogs who struggle to eat solid food to get all of their extra nutrients. Your best friend is going to love it. We’re pawsitive.

Ingredients: Bone-in pork butt, Whole corn, Celery, Basil, Mint, Turmeric, Ginger, Water


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Is there any alcohol in this superb dog beverage?

No! There is no alcohol and no hops in Busch Dog Brew. Busch Dog brew is made with only pork bone broth, water, vegetables, herbs and spices.

Can dogs actually drink beer?

NOPE! Alcohol and hops are toxic for dogs. Keep the Busch to yourself. That’s why we made this special pork bone broth brew for your best bud.

Can humans drink this stuff?

Suuure, if that’s what you’re into! We here at Busch do not judge. BUT this bone broth is made for a dog’s refined palate. You may find it pretty bland & yes, we’ve tried it a few times. Part of the job.

How do you recommend I serve this product?

Pour our Busch Dog Brew into your dog’s bowl by itself or over food. Can be served cold or room temperature (some dogs don’t like cold items).

How much should you give your dog?

It depends on the weight of your dog but it is NOT harmful to consume the entire can of Busch Dog Brew in one sitting. For smaller dogs: Busch Dog Brew will last for 5 days after opened in the fridge so that the snack can last longer. IT IS NOT A MEAL REPLACEMENT. Feed your dogs, they love food just as much as you.

Where is the product located? All states, certain states, will the availability be extended?

Dog Brew will be sold only over e-commerce, but ships to all states in the US. Don’t worry, we’ll get Fido his brew. Somehow, someway.

After years of being by your side as you sip a Busch, dogs can finally drink a brew of their own! But let’s be clear – Busch Dog Brew isn’t a dog BEER. Rather, it’s a bone broth for dogs.

You might be asking, why bone broth? Bone broth is not only tasty, but it’s nutritious for them, too! Plus, it can be used as a way to soften hard food.

Pick up a pack of Busch Dog Brew today and paw ‘em a cold one (or warm one). This round’s on you.