Guy Camping

On average, 85% of forest fires are caused by humans and many of those man-made disasters are attributed to poorly attended campfires. That’s why Busch Light is distributing Busch Light Solar Cookers at the peak of Colorado camping season, offering a flame-free way to enjoy a warm meal and ice-cold beers with fire safety in mind.

Sign up below for a chance to get a FREE cooker at local fire departments in Red Feather Lakes (August 19th), Nederland (August 26th) or Estes Park (September 2nd) now through Labor Day weekend.

To give fans nationwide meal inspiration for their next trip to the great outdoors, Busch Light has teamed up with Carrie Baird to create a delisHHHHH Busch Light-infused recipe that can be made fire-free right in their Busch Light Solar Cooker.

Solar Cooker Recipe

Ready to take the next step in fire prevention? Visit for more fire-safe tips while exploring the rugged outdoors.