Frequently Asked Questions

Is Busch Dog Brew alcoholic?

Busch Dog Brew does not contain alcohol. Busch Dog brew is made with only pork bone broth, water, vegetables, herbs and spices.

Can dogs drink alcohol or beer?

Dogs should not drink beer. Alcohol and hops are toxic for dogs. Busch Beer is for non-furry drinking buddies only.

Can humans drink Busch Dog Brew?

Well, if you want to. It’s made from bone broth, which humans consume with a lot of meals, such as soup. But Busch Dog Brew is specifically made for a dog’s refined palate. We won’t judge if you wanna sneak a sip though.

How do you recommend I serve this product?

Pour our Busch Dog Brew into your dog’s bowl by itself or over food. Can be served cold or room temperature (some dogs don’t like cold items).

How much should you give your dog?

It depends on the weight of your dog but it is NOT harmful to consume the entire can of Busch Dog Brew in one sitting. For smaller dogs: Busch Dog Brew will last for 5 days after opened in the fridge so that the snack can last longer. IT IS NOT A MEAL REPLACEMENT. Feed your dogs, they love food just as much as you.

Where is the product located? All states, certain states, will the availability be extended?

Dog Brew is sold only over e-commerce, but ships to all states in the US. Don’t worry, we’ll get Fido his brew. Somehow, someway.


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